About us

     Sherri was born and raised  third generation in Chico, Ca. and earned a B.A. from CSUC.  She developed a love for vintage art glass from her parents, local antique dealers since the ‘70’s.  Sherri now resides in nearby Los Molinos, CA. where, on the banks of majestic Mill Creek, she and her husband raise their four children.  In a cottage nestled under the swaying branches of Valley and Live Oak trees, she creates unique pieces of wearable art  as a celebration to your beauty.  From humble beginnings in a Chico boutique over 25 years ago, her art is now available from coast to coast.
  You will see this emblem on all of Sherri’s work.  The designation of Crystallized by Swarovski is a tremendous  honor.  It guarantees that all of Sherri’s jewelry is made with the finest crystals ever produced...Swarovski Crystals.  Sherri is the only jeweler is Northern California to carry this designation.  She is also the only artist in the world to be Crystallized using many vintage crystals.  These vintage crystals were produced between the 1920’s and 1980’s.  They came to Sherri uncirculated and in their original packaging guaranteeing you that they’ll sparkle like new!